Become A Mentor

Mentors spend just one hour a week listening to and encouraging their young person at school. The relationship that develops is what makes the difference.

What Is A Mentor?

We know that there is amazing potential and talent in all young people. But for many, due to challenges at home, that talent has yet to be discovered. Life experience has knocked the confidence out of some, firmly locking away those seeds of aspiration and hope. Our volunteer mentors help realise the full potential of their young person and empower them with the confidence they need to build a bright future. We bridge talent with opportunity through relationship focused mentoring.

The only requirement to become a mentor is simply a desire to help a young person. Building a positive relationship is based on non-judgemental listening and encouraging. When one person mentors, two lives are changed. 

Build A Relationship

Trusting relationships are the building blocks young person need to build their confidence and develop their talent.

Improve Self-esteem

Mentored young people surveyed reported a 45% increase in confidence.

Discover Passion​

Mentoring helps young people find, grow and use their talents and realise they can pursue their passions.

Positive Destination Transition

More care-experienced young people than ever before are leaving school to college, university or a job thanks to mentoring.

How It Works?

1. Register

The first step is to register. The information provided allows us to best match each mentor with a young person.

2. Info Session

Next, a member of the MCR Pathways team will take you through the programme during an Information Session.

3. One to One

After this you’ll take part in a 1:1 Conversation. This will help us understand more about you. It’s the perfect time for you to talk about your own life. This helps us make an inspired match between our mentors and young people.

4. Training

Next, there’s a Training Session where you’ll learn mentoring tips and essential information. You’ll complete the training process once we receive your approved PVG.

5. Matching

To make the best possible match we consider each person’s personalities, interests and young people’s career aspirations. We also take into consideration everyone’s schedule and mentors’ school preferences.

6. Meetings

Mentors meet their mentee for just one hour a week during the school day at a convenient time for both. Meetings can be at the same time each week or vary. There’s no right or wrong way to have a mentor meeting, and over the weeks each relationship finds its own rhythm.

The MCR team and your school’s Pathways Coordinator are here to help support your relationship. We provide ongoing training and resources to help you encourage your young people so that they can achieve their very best futures.

Why Mentoring Matters

External research shows that MCR mentoring transforms outcomes for care-experienced and disadvantaged young people. Mentored young people have significantly higher staying on rates, attainment and rates of progression to positive destinations (college, university and employment) compared to non-mentored care-experienced young people. In 2013/2014, only 54% of care-experienced young people nationally progressed to a positive destination while in 2018 86% of MCR mentored care-experienced young people did.

Mentoring is creating a wave of positive change, impacting our schools, community and country.

George's Story

“It’s that sense that you’re much more willing to talk to a stranger about issues than you are to someone you have known your full life.”

Lucy's Story

“I set goals and figured out what I was interested in and what I was passionate about.”

Where Are We?

Our Young Scottish Talent programme is currently delivered in schools across a number of Local Authorities and we are in the process of further expansion. Our ambition is to spread mentoring across Scotland. 

You are matched to a school based on your requests and location.

Other Ways To Help

Talent Tasters

Talent Tasters are a chance for young people to try out a job, college, or university in engaging, bite-sized opportunities. Short, hands-on and inspiring, Talent Tasters help unlock young people’s aspirations.

Become A Partner

Our committed partners help us deliver our programme and reach more young people. Our partners include organisations of all sizes, from local businesses to national corporations to Local Authorities. 


There are many ways to get involved at MCR Pathways. We are delighted to have volunteers supporting almost every department in our team. Contact us if you’d like to get involved!

Get Involved!

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